• Representation of the Client for the duration of the Project
  • Management and organization of all related works within the scope executed by the main contractors and consultants
  • Development of responsibility and communication flow matrix
  • Management of tasks and actions
  • Organization and lead of Project meeting
  • Project reporting and implementation of Project board discussion
  • Preparation and implementation of Internal project approval procedures
  • Elaboration of document control system (in collaboration with Client)
  • Implementation and development of documentation control system during project realization period
  • Document archiving system
  • Elaboration of approved by Client design brief for design documentation elaboration
    (incl. preliminary design concept and required conditions)
  • Finalization of General Designer's scope of services and schedule of deliverables
  • Negotiations of terms and conditions of the agreement with general Contractors or other agreements
  • Arranging for and managing of specialists and consultants
  • Arranging and managing elaboration of any required special technical condition
  • Preparing and submission of initial data to General Designer
  • Management of obtaining technical surveys
  • Management of obtaining technical condition of technical infrastructures and obtain permits documents
  • Design documentation review for compliance with contact requirements and technical brief
  • Control of information flow within the design team > Organization of design meetings for cost reduction
  • Support in, and control of General Designer approval procedures of design documentation
  • Organization of design review meetings, monitoring design development incl. visits to design team offices.
  • Representation of the Client for the duration of the Project
  • Control of expenses and control results reporting at Construction preparation stage
  • Preparation of costs estimations if necessary
  • Elaboration of costs and progress reports
  • Cash flow management:
    • Elaboration of CF schedule, and definition of financing limits of project stages
    • Expense control for all project realization stages
    • Change control, expense control and results of control reporting, claim review.
    • Preparation of execution analyze, including preparation of progress reports comparing actual progress of works with agreed project schedule( in regard to cost and time)
    • Control and monitoring Clients payments to Contractor
  • Elaboration of document control system ( in collaboration with Client)
  • Insert Quality requirements of design and construction works of the project into Client's technical brief
  • Elaboration of design documentation formats and submission requirements
  • Elaboration of Contractor pre-qualification criteria
  • Management, monitoring and control of the Project works in respect to the project Schedule in order to achieve in-time competition within Budget and at the required level of quality
  • Development of initial project schedule at early Project stage that integrates Design, Procurement and Construction of the Project
    (update monthly basis and it is basis for monitoring tasks)
  • Based on schedules prepared by Contractors, develop generalized schedules (master schedule, construction schedule, milestone schedule)
  • Management of tender milestones
  • Analysis of impact of Design changes initiated by Client on Cost and Project Schedule
  • Review of Master schedule and Contractors schedules. Advisory on potential tasks and milestone delays.
  • Construction progress monitoring, reporting and taking necessary actions in order to meet the deadlines of project schedules
  • Administration of Projects contracts in respect to Works performance required for project competition, and payment (based on established policies and procedures)
  • Control of proper project contract execution in order to agreed timelines and work volumes
  • Review of additional work volumes, and negotiation of addition scope in regard to contract regulations
  • Administration of Project contracts, payment confirmation
  • Issuance of notifications, correspondence, and submission of information to the General Designer, General Contractor or Consultants
  • Review of professional damage compensation insurance of Project parties.
  • Preparation of schedule of works and costs control check lists, administration of construction contracts with General contractor
  • Elaboration of construction site hand-over procedures, including existing building and facilities on site
  • Coordination and control of construction work conditions Organization and lead of construction coordination meetings
  • Maintenance of all construction journals
  • Preparation of all defect lists and outstanding works lists
  • Conducting site inspections
  • Construction approval management
  • Time management
  • Budget and cost monitoring
  • Check payment requests
  • Revisions of change orders
  • Claim management
  • Reporting
  • Preparation of procurement strategy for specific project needs
  • Preparation of Tender schedule, control of tender procedures implementation
  • Organizing of tender, creating detailed works specifications
  • Management of tender milestones
  • Elaborating tender information, instruction, contract forms and conditions, Drawing specifications, BoQ
  • Review of Bids and elaborating of analyze of Bids
  • Preparation Tender reports, recommendations and materials approval
  • Managing of tender procedures
  • Lead the tender process until issuance of final recommendation
  • Assistance of preparing Contracts with the Contractors
  • Analysis of commercial and technical tender proposals, issuance of final recommendation